500 or less: An Instagram Challenge


Dear 2017, I’m the worst. No really – I am quite possibly the worst blogger out there. I blog maybe a handful of times in a year, go on bursts of posts for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon again. Sounds sort of like New Year’s resolutions, huh? Make a ton of promises and after a few weeks they fade away.

Speaking of those, like everyone else, I’ve made about two dozen resolutions – and I’ll be lucky if I keep any of them. Though, you get points for simply making them, yes?

I’ll tell you what one of them is not – I do not resolve to blog every week, or even every month. Blogging isn’t even on the list. COME ON. I have a one-year-old kid that is just starting to walk and it seems her new vantage point is making me realize my days of “let me just look at my computer for a sec– WAIT. STOP. DANGER. EEK. NO.” are only going to get worse.

The only resolution I really care about keeping is the one that encourages me to try to do things that improve my life and – hopefully – the lives of those around me.

If you’ve learned anything about me, I kind of like food. Just a little. 😂 So, in the spirit of post-holidays detoxing, I’ve decided to hijack my own Instagram hashtag #cookingwithmrscauthren and challenge myself to snap images exclusively of meals I make that are 500 calories or less. I’ll post the recipes here on the blog. Some are going to be super simple and not even classify as recipes – like mix yogurt, berries and granola in a bowl. Ooh super creative, right? No. But, sometimes you just need an idea to inspire you to make your own thing and that’s what food does for me – it inspires. So… let’s all be super healthy and still love looking at – and eating – food this year, OK?

With that, here are a few starter recipes / ideas to kick things off.




2 responses to “500 or less: An Instagram Challenge

  1. Hi Annie! I’m trying to figure out how to resubscribe to your blog. I have to change my email address as I’m closing my yahoo account. Do you know how I can resubscribe? Can’t find anything on your blog! Thanks! AB


    • Hi Andrea! Weird! I think something happened with the blog because I used to have a “follow” function at the top left of the site. I’ve re-added it. Let me know if you see and are able to sign up via e-mail. Thanks for following!! 🙂 Annie

      On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 8:47 AM, Little House on the Hudson wrote:



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