Celebrate Autumn with Apple Cake

Last year when I was pregnant I had one major craving: for all things apple! It started with apple cider donuts and continued with every apple sweet treat you can imagine. Right around this time, The Wall Street Journal published an apple cake recipe that I could not take my eyes off of and wanted to make right away. Only I had a small problem – I was halfway through a major kitchen renovation which meant that my “kitchen” was actually an open hole in my house with nothing but plywood and a tarp covering the doorway. So, I sat patiently waiting each week dreaming about this apple cake and the day I’d get to make it.

Fast forward to the last week of October when my shiny new oven was installed and I was ready to bake. It was the very first thing I baked in this incredible machine – except the apple cake spilled over the edges, running all over the inside of my very clean oven. After hyperventilating and screaming “THE OVEN IS RUINED” over and over (as a rational person does), I pulled the cake out of the oven and said, “THIS HAD BETTER BE THE BEST APPLE CAKE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.” Then I had a slice.

All was forgiven. My world was right again. This cake was INCREDIBLE. It was moist, fluffy, sweet but not too sweet, refreshing and pretty to boot.  After two (or three) slices of cake, I regained my composure and quite easily swept up the spillover in the oven.  My fatal flaw was not putting a baking sheet under the cake but I won’t let you make my mistakes so I’ve added a few tips along the way for you to enjoy this amazing treat – minus the meltdown.

Apple Cake.jpg

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