Eatstagram of the Week: Rosemary, Grape & Gorgonzola Pizza


This week I’m featuring a “pizza” (or flatbread depending on how serious you define it), that’s become a standby in my family for a few years. It’s a nice change of pace when you’re tired with classic pizza. The combo is a perfect balance of savory and sweet and the whole thing takes less than 20 minutes to make and get on the table. The recipe is not mine, though I make a few modifications. The original is one I found about eight years ago in Food & Wine. It pairs very well with a light salad and one of my favorite things in the entire world – rosé! This pizza also helped inspire me to take more risks with pizza flavors that go beyond the traditional mozzarella and sauce resulting in other delicious combinations such as pear, roquefort and caramelized walnuts; fig, prosciutto di parma and arugula; and mushroom, fontina and truffle. Let me know what combinations have worked for you!

Rosemary, Grape & Gorgonzola Pizza-4.jpg


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