Introducing Eatstagrams!

I post a LOT of pictures of food on Instagram and often get asked for the recipe. Typically, I send the link separately in an email or text but sometimes I get a lot of people asking me for the same thing. So… you’ve inspired me to begin sharing the knowledge more regularly and broadly. Welcome to my new weekly commitment – Eatstagrams! Every week I’ll post a recipe that I think is worth sharing that I’ve made up myself or sourced from one of my favorite chefs, books, etc.

Due to an outpouring of requests yesterday for a picture I posted, I’m kicking things off with a recipe that was inspired by a summer salad I enjoyed at Blue Hill at Stone Barns‘ cafe. (I’m very lucky to live nearby and go there with an embarrassing amount of frequency to walk the grounds and dine at the cafe. Every once in a blue moon we eat at the main restaurant, too.)

The cafe sells a variety of delicious sandwiches, cookies, pastries and salads — all of which honor what’s in season. Nothing is terribly complicated about the salad’s components but what Blue Hill does well is the art of simplicity + perfection. My take on it is of course not the original but it’s pretty tasty!

Let me know if you make any of the recipes I post and have any great tweaks or adds!

Corn Zucchini Feta Basil Salad

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