Holy Leftovers

I’m not really a leftovers person. Never have been. Given how much I cook, that would be a huge problem if I wasn’t married to a leftovers lover. My hubby HATES to throw away food and won’t let a morsel go to waste.  In fact, we have a little game we play where I’ll try to discard food well past it’s prime and he’ll actually dig it out of the trash to eat it when I’m not looking. Sometimes I think I’m going crazy because I’m convinced I threw something away and POOF there it reappears in the fridge the next day. A little mold? “Just cut around it,” he says. Food turned green? “I can eat the good parts,” he says. Um, gross!

Holidays are the best of times and the worst of times for leftovers. Take Thanksgiving turkey – you can’t wait to have that on a sandwich the next day. You fantasize about all the ways you want to recreate that turkey from turkey tacos, turkey pot pie, turkey salad… the list goes on. Yet, when reality sets in on Day 3 and all you’ve had for 48 hours is that damn turkey, you begin to hate poultry altogether, plan a “detox” menu (at least until Christmas) and remind yourself to buy a smaller bird next year so you won’t ever have to go through this again. (But of course that never happens).

While Easter is not nearly as gluttonous as Thanksgiving, in my house we always have a ton of food leftover because I think I’m cooking for the Duggars when in fact it’s more like my nuclear family of four (including me). Here are a few ways I’m thinking about repurposing that lamb and some ideas for repurposing ham, too, in the week ahead!

IMG_9418(My four-hour Easter leg of lamb that’s just begging to be repurposed for leftovers!)


Lamb Pitas with Roasted Tomatoes, Feta & Tzatziki – Make a good tzatziki sauce. I like this one by Ina Garten that includes feta. Roast up some grape or cherry tomatoes with olive oil and herbs in the oven until they’ve almost burst and are sweet and caramelized. Warm up pitas between wet paper towels in the microwave. Slather with tzatziki and feta, add lamb and roasted tomatoes to enjoy.

Lamb Paninis with Mint Pesto  & Goat Cheese – Blend a bunch of mint and walnuts with olive oil to make a pesto. Spread on walnut/cranberry bread and spread goat cheese on other half. Toss lamb with a sprinkle of pomegranate molasses and add to sandwich.

Croquetas de Jamón (Ham Croquettes) –  I don’t think I’ve ever made croquettes so I’d probably stick to someone I trust on a recipe first time around. But this could be a fun item to do with a few other small plates, tapas style. These croquetas are often made with serrano ham but I think regular ham would be just as good.

Quiche Lorraine – Smitten Kitchen has a yummy looking recipe. I’d probably pair it with a light salad with a tangy mustard-based dressing with one part dijon, two parts lemon juice, three parts quality olive oil.

Ham with Plum Spread and Country Biscuits – Dalmatia’s fig spread has gone widespread – it’s nearly everywhere. But have you tried their plum spread? It’s delicious with cheese and I think would be a great pairing with leftover ham on a country biscuit. Just make sure those biscuits use White Lily Flour, my go-to biscuit brand.

4 responses to “Holy Leftovers

  1. Great post! You made a few changes. Those lamb paninis and pitas sound pretty good 😉

    Keep up the good work! On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 8:36 AM Little House on the Hudson wrote:

    > Annie posted: “I’m not really a leftovers person. Never have been. Given > how much I cook, that would be a huge problem if I wasn’t married to a > leftovers lover. My hubby HATES to throw away food and won’t let a morsel > go to waste. In fact, we have a little game we play” >


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