Southern Living

This week I took a short trip down to Chapel Hill, NC where I taught a few classes at my alma mater. Instead of staying on campus, we ventured out a few miles and decided to stay at the Fearrington House Inn at Fearrington Village. Located in Pittsboro, NC and about 10 miles outside of Chapel Hill, this quaint little community sits on a small parcel of farmland dating back to the 1700s. Flanking both sides of the entrance to the village is a small pasture that’s home to a special rare breed of black and white striped cows called Belted Galloways or Belties, which serve as the unofficial “mascot” of the area. It reminds me a little bit of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which I’m lucky to live nearby at home.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.33.40 PMWhat I love most about the Fearrington Inn (aside from the food) is its beautiful decor and layout – a cross between Southern traditional and european countryside. The common areas are carefully maintained and provide a dangerous amount of eye candy / inspiration if you’re into home decor. A few of my favorite spots are:

THE GARDEN HOUSE (In addition to being beautiful, this standalone tiny
building offers guests complementary espresso 24 hours a day!)

IMG_5429IMG_5427 IMG_5428IMG_5431THE SUN ROOM
Outside the inn and around Fearrington Village, my favorite stops were:

1) DOVECOTE – This boutique directly across the street from the inn features a carefully curated mix of clothing, home decor and accessories. I learned that the store is actually on the site of a former milking barn!
2) THE ROOST – This little beer garden was cute as could be. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to sit down for a drink during open hours.
IMG_54653) MCINTYRE’S BOOKS – It’s so rare to find local independent bookstores anymore and this one grew near and dear to my heart for its very rich collection of cookbooks.

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